Post-Up Revolution

“Post-Up Revolution”, started as a way to spread positive messages as well as the hope and love of Christ through the community and social media.

It started off as a act of kindness someone could do while grocery shopping, or hanging out at the mall. Thanks to social media and ElevateFM, people alone as well as youth groups in Western Kentucky are stepping up and taking the “#PostUpRevolution Challenge”. This fun group or solo project is starting take off. Here’s how it works:

  1. Get a pad of sticky notes from the store-any size, any color.
  2. Write positive messages, Bible Verses, encouraging quotes, anything that would uplift someone that might see it that day.
  3. Make SURE to include the #PostUpRevolution so that people know what to look for.
  4. If you are on the receiving end of the #PostUpRevolution, take a picture of the note you find and post it on your social media. Make sure to include the #PostUpRevolution with this as well. Take it with you, or leave it for the next person.

Posting on social media is a way others can see the message and your thoughts on it. It’s a great way to spread light in a world growing dark. Putting them around town it just the first step. Finding them and posting them on social media is the next. This way everyone can just type in and search for the #PostUpRevolution, and see the love of Christ being spread through our community. A youth group from Arlington that decided to take the challenge said they even got to witness to people while posting up around town. They planted over 10,000 notes! “Plant the seed and let God water it”


If you or your youth group are interested in participating in the #PostUpRevolution challenge, and want some more information, you can always call the station at 270-437-4369, or email us at studio@elevate.fm. Just ask for Courtney or Kennedy.