Our Staff

Morning Mayhem with Brian and Rob

Weekday mornings from 6 to 10

Fun Facts about Brian

  • Is a rapper on the side
  • Has an original Dc Talk Vinyl
  • Loves Star Wars
  • Collects old electronics

Mid-days with Jordan

Weekdays from 10 to 3

Fun facts about Jordan

  • Professional Musician
  • Plays at least 7 different instruments
  • Loves to play games
  • Would live in the woods if wife would let him.

Afternoon Antics with Courtney :]

Weekdays from 3 to 7


Fun facts about Courtney

Courtney is┬áSoCal┬áborn and raised! She has a little black cat she talks about constantly. She loves, loves Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and of course Bruce Willis. Fast talking and loud laughing. She is the joy of the station!